mew lake
algonquin provincial park

Mew Lake Beach Photos

The beach at Mew Lake it a bit lacking in actual sand, but there is a huge area to play sports or have a picnic. On the other side of the trees, there is a small parking lot for your vehicle. That said, the beach area is definitely walkable from any part of the Mew Lake campground.

Mew Lake Beach - Algonquin Provincial Park

When you're enjoying the beach area at Mew Lake, this will be your view.

Mew Lake at Algonquin Park - View from the Beach

A more complete shot of the Mew Lake beach area.

Mew Lake beach on a sunny day

The beach can get fairly foggy depending on the time of year. This foggy scene was shot in mid June of 2013.

Mew Lake beach on a foggy morning

A more close up beach photo, showing the quality of the beach, as taken on a foggy morning.

Close up shot of the Mew Lake beach on a foggy morning

A view of the beach area, as take from the small parking lot.

Mew Lake beach area - from parking lot.


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