mew lake
algonquin provincial park

Mew Lake Campground

The Mew Lake campground is only one of 12 drive-in ("developed") campgrounds at Algonquin Park. It is located 30.8km from the West gate of Algonquin Park, along Highway 60.

Quick Campground Facts

Some general information about Mew Lake campground.

  • Open all year round!
  • 131 campsites including non-hydro, hydro, pet/radio-free, RV-friendly
  • Most campsites are reservable (by phone and online) - with some (of each 'type') saved for those who arrive at the park without reservations (18 non-reservable in total)
  • Washrooms: flushable toilets, non-flushable toilets, showers; cleaned multiple times per day (per set schedule)
  • Beach - fairly large but with limited sand (view photos); no pets allowed on beach; unsupervised; tends to have bird droppings
  • Wheelchair accessible campsites (2 sites - next to comfort station with little privacy), washrooms, showers
  • Water taps near all campsites
  • Garbage and recycling station
  • Pay telephone (near campground entrance)
  • Additional parking (for cars not on campsites)
  • Leashed pet recreation area
  • Campfire wood available for purchase (at campground office)
  • Two Rivers Store located very close to Mew Lake campground entrance - along Highway 60 (more information ) - camping/fishing supplies, fresh food, groceries, snack bar, souvenirs, bike and bike helmet rentals, bike trail, etc. - Yes, you will pay a big premium on supplies and such here, so best to arrive with everything you need!

Types of Campsites Available

The following types of campsites are available at Mew Lake campground. Note that certain campsites may have added restrictions in terms of number of tents and vehicles (due to size). Such information can be determined when reserving your campsite. Information such as how much sun/shade, privacy, etc. is also available when reserving.

  • 28 'regular' campsites (without hydro hookups; no restrictions on pets or radios) - most of these have a view of Mew Lake
  • 37 'regular' campsites with some restrictions (without hydro hookups; are dog-free and radio-free) - some of these have a view of Mew Lake
  • 66 campsites with hydro hookups (no restrictions on pets or radios) -- includes 7 sites with yurts (detailed information on yurts )

Washrooms & Laundry

Information about the washrooms available at Mew Lake campground:

  • "Vault toilets" located a very short walk of all campsites (non-flushable, no running water, no soap/etc.)
  • One "Comfort Station" located in the park (within a 5 minute walk, approximately, of all campsites)
    • flushable toilets (Men's: 1 urinal; 3 stalls - one being handicap accessible | Women's: 6? stalls - one being handicap accessible)
    • sinks / hands soap / mirrors (Men's: 3 sinks/mirrors | Women's: 3 sinks/mirrors)
    • individual showers (at least 6 total - 1 being handicap accessible) - lockable; has small area with hooks and a ledge along with somewhat separated shower area; shower has no heat settings ("warm")
    • laundry machines (2 washers; 2 dryers - coin operated)
  • In mid-June can report that showers were readily available without wait in the early morning and no waits for washrooms at any time in the day (note: the campground was nowhere near full at this time).

Mew Lake washrooms - showers and flush toilets