mew lake
algonquin provincial park

Mew Lake Campground Maps

If you're wondering what campsite to choose - or to find out where your campsite is located amongst the Mew Lake campground, these maps should help. There are basically three types of campsites:

  • Campsites without hydro
  • Campsites with hydro
  • Campsites without hydro but that are also radio-free and dog-free


Vault toilets (non-flush, no water/soap)

Comfort stations (flushable toilets, sinks, soap, showers, laundry)

Water taps

Garbage & recycling

Park office

Store: snackbar, groceries, supplies, bike & helmet rentals

Mew Lake Campground Map: Overview

Full Mew Lake campground map. See further down for actual campsite locations.

Mew Lake campground map

Mew Lake Campground Map: No-Restriction Non-Hydro Campsites

The sites shown below have no restrictions, but are also without hydro. For photos of campsites ranging from #71 to #82, please see our campsite photos page.

Mew Lake campground map - Regular campsites

Mew Lake Campground Map: Hydro Campsites

The campsites shown below have hydro hookups. Sites marked are hydro sites with yurts

Mew Lake campground map - Hydro campsites

Mew Lake Campground Map: Dog-Free / Radio-Free Non-Hydro Campsites

The campsites shown below do not allow radio play or dogs, and are without hydro.

Mew Lake campground map: Dog-free / Radio-free